The Christopher Reeve Foundation Grants NARHA $5,000


The Christopher Reeve Foundation gave a Quality of Life grant to the NARHAOn March 1, a $5,000 grant gave a boost to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association.

The $5,000 Christopher Reeve Foundation Quality of Life grant the NARHA received is specifically allocated to develop The Parental and Professional Information Resource Guide.

“This guide will help parents understand the outstanding benefits that therapeutic riding offers and find the correct program for their child,” says Sheila Kemper Dietrich, NARHA executive director. “It will also assist professionals in recommending the right programs to their clients.”

Improving the day-to-day health and well-being of those living with paralysis was the vision Dana Reeves had when she conceived the Quality of Life program in 1999. Since then, the program has awarded 1,163 grants totaling $9,220,980.

The Christopher Reeve Foundation Quality of Life grants are awarded to programs or projects twice annually. Awarded in 13 categories that span everything from health promotion, to employment, to sports and recreation, Quality of Life grants address many aspects and are given to programs across the globe.

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  1. I have been volunteering at a Therapeutic Riding Facility since 2002 and I have seen the benefits for all people involved, children, adults, disabled, able and volunteers. It is a wonderful quality of life program. I hope it receives more recognition soon.


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