WE Seeks Lonely Cowboys


Women's Entertainment new TV show will match single cowboys and womenThey’re not saying much, but they’ll tell you this: “If you’re a single cowboy looking for a sweetheart, you could be on the show.” Women’s Entertainment (WE) has paired with Pilgrim films in an idea for the latest in reality television.

In six stand-alone episodes, the new WE show titled City Girls will also feature women who are tired of the dating scene and ready settle down.

“It’s a dating experiment show,” says Jim Strzalkowski, casting associate for the show. We’re going to put them on a multi-million-dollar ranch and they can meet their cowboys. These women are looking for a real man, and we’re going to give him to them.”

Casting directors are looking for all-American cowboys, ages 27-36.

“Maybe the guys have dated, maybe they’ve had broken relationships, maybe they need to try something new. A lot of them may be professional riders who have grown up on the ranch,” Strzalkowski says. “This could be their opportunity to meet a different type of girl.”

If this is you, call the casting hotline at (818) 752-5557 extention 5557, or email jims@pilgrimfilms.tv. As an added bonus, participants will be paid and unannounced prizes will be awarded. Filming is flexible, but will take place late April through around May or June.

Even if you’re not a candidate, you may want to stay tuned for when the program airs. “There are surprise twists to the program,” Strzalkowski says. “You don’t want to miss it.”


  1. LOL How do I get to be one of the girls on the show? I’ve been looking for a real cowboy of my own; all I can find around here are greehorns!

  2. well i am 49 and would like to meet a real cow boy for marriage i do not know if you have them around 50-54 years old for your show or not but i would realy like to be on your show to have a chance of a life time to be happy thank you brenda


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