Pure Spanish Horse Stud Book Under New Management


The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture has turned control of the Spanish Stud Book to ANCCEIf you own or breed Pure Spanish Horses (or Pura Raza Española, P.R.E.) but live in the United States, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture has just announced good news. Management of the Spanish Stud Book has been given to ANCCE, the largest national breeder’s association in Spain. In turn, ANCCE has recently accepted and approved The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association to be the sole representative of the Spanish Stud Book in the United States.

“We are honored to have this recognition and acceptance by our parent Stud Book,” says Foundation President Barbara Currie. “We are confident that The Foundation will represent the needs of all Pure Spanish Horse owners in the United States.”

For more information about Pure Spanish Horses or the process of registering, visit www.prehorse.org.


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