And The Winner Is?O


The finalists were narrowed down to Temecula Toy Boy, Panamas Sun and Smokin On A Star. When the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) announced the winner on March 4, it was Smokin On A Star who received the 2006 MD Barns Silver Spur Award.
“Smoky” of Pavo, Ga., joined Frank Green’s family when she was 18 months old.

From the beginning, Green and Smoky developed a special bond that grew stronger as the years passed. Prior to her arrival, Green served in the U.S. Armed Forces and the Vietnam War. When he returned home, Green faced some serious health problems that included blacking out with seizures on a regular basis. As his health problems progressed, Green turned to Smoky for companionship and friendship.

Green and Smoky love to go on trail rides and often invite friends to accompany them. These friends testify that Smoky will wobble over the paths to keep Green on her back when she feels him having a seizure. When he collapses in the saddle, she stands still until he regains his consciousness. When he does fall, she stands patiently at his side until he can remount and continue their ride.

“Smoky is the light of my life,” Green says. “I love her.”

Green was awarded a gift certificate from MD Barns for $20,000 toward the purchase of a new MD Barn, as well as a hand-crafted Montana Silversmiths buckle.

Temecula Toy Boy was first runner-up in this year’s contest, owned by Tara Carlson of Temecula, Calif. The second runner-up was Panamas Sun, owned by Fort Bragg in N.C. Both runners-up received customized Montana Silversmiths buckles.

In honor of Temecula Toy Boy and Panamas Sun, MD Barns also made a $15,000 product donation in the horses’ names to the American Quarter Horse Foundation.

The Silver Spur is an annual award created to recognize American Quarter Horses who have enriched the life of one or more humans, been cast into the national spotlight because of outstanding acts or created a positive image for the breed. The award is based on merit and voted on by AQHA members.



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