Looking into Horse Schools


Thinking of pursuing an equestrian career? Trafalgar Square Books has just released the latest edition of Horse Schools: The International Guide to Universities, Colleges, Preparatory and Secondary Schools, and Specialty Equine Programs by Angelia Almos. Completely revised and updated for 2007, the comprehensive reference guide features more than 580 horse-related schools and specialty programs throughout the world.

Within its pages you will find a self-quiz to help determine what school is most appropriate for a prospective student; hundreds of possible fields of study and equestrian careers; a compendium of equine-oriented scholarships; international listings of intercollegiate and interscholastic equestrian associations; and contact information for equestrian federations around the world. School profiles include contact information, e-mail addresses and websites, degrees and majors offered, facility descriptions, tuition and horse-related expense estimates, and summaries of opportunities available to those interested in equestrian competitions.

Almos has been riding and training horses in a variety of disciplines for most of her life. She has authored numerous articles in equine publications such as Horse Illustrated and Young Rider Magazine. Almos travels nationwide providing her unique seminars at expos and provides one-on-one counseling to prospective students through her website, www.horseschools.net.

For more information, visit www.ipgbook.com


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