Box up your Horse Show Memories


Want a special way to commemorate a wonderful day at a show? Create a shadow box using items like a horsemanship medal, a first place ribbon, snapshots, a prize list and perhaps your exhibitor number.
You can purchase shadow boxes in various sizes at any craft or frame store. Then, line the back with a sheet of scrapbook paper in a neutral tone. Next, mount a snapshot taken from that glorious day on top of the paper. Add each of your other items one at a time, arranging them as you wish. Use sticky-back hook-and-loop fastener tabs, craft glue or a low-temperature hot glue gun to adhere your treasures inside the shadow box. Finally, hang the finished shadow box in a place of honor. Not only will you have a conversation piece on your wall, but you’ll be able to relive a special day in the life of you and your horse every time you pass by.



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