It’s Time to Thank Your Farrier!


Thank your farrier during National Farrier's WeekSince horses with bad feet can lose their ability to properly function, the thousands of farriers across North America deserve to be specially recognized once a year, so once again it’s time to say a special thanks.

In recognition of the valuable work performed by hoof-care professionals, National Farriers Week is being held this year from July 6 – 12. It is an appropriate time for horse owners, trainers, riders, grooms, equine veterinarians and others to recognize the effort and training required by the men and women who shape and protect hooves in order to keep our horses comfortable and functional.

Show your appreciation by following basic good horsemanship protocols, including:

  • Providing a level, clean and well-lit work area for handling hoof-care needs.
  • Having horses properly cleaned and ready prior to your farrier’s arrival.
  • Having someone available to keep nervous or ill-behaved horses calm during appointments.
  • Training your horses to be comfortable with having their feet handled.
  • Working with your farrier to develop a regular hoof-care schedule.
  • Taking the time and making the effort to say “thanks” for a job well done.

Doing these things demonstrates appreciation to your farrier and ensures your farrier has a good work environment to get the job done. It’s a winning combination for you, your farrier and your horse.

Horse owners who really want to show a special appreciation can download a certificate of recognition by going to on the American Farriers Journal website.


  1. I think this is awesome! I’m going to say thanks to the farrier this week..he desereves it! Come on,he’s at the Theraputic Riding Center every week,and every one of the 110 horses gets trimmed and/or shoed…a lot of times each year..I think he deserves a thank you!

  2. I Printed out a Certificate for my Farrier. He did an great job on my horses feet. Thanks for providing the certificate.

  3. What a great idea. My farrier has done a fantastic job on Kacey’s feet ! He also trains horses and has given free advice and help. He is great with the horses and works with the ones that are hard to shoe instead of trying to manhandle them. In addition, he is a rodeo bronc rider – and did I mention he is drop-dead gorgeous !!!


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