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Feds put crimp in horse show
One of the largest walking horse shows in Kentucky virtually ground to a halt last week when U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors arrived, escorted by Kentucky State Police, from the Lexington Herald-Leader. Read more >>

Horse sales slow to a trot
The rising cost of equine ownership from high feed, fuel and hay prices is causing a bumpy ride for those who sell the animals, from the Houston Chronicle. Read more >>

AQHYA Searching for Youth World QJs
The American Quarter Horse Youth Association is looking for two QJs, who will produce fun, whimsical online videos that update people on what’s happening at the 2008 Ford Youth World Show, from the AQHA. Read more >>

Neigh-Sayers: Ban Carriages
The effort to ban horse-drawn carriages from the streets near Central Park has hit full gallop, with animal-rights activists and celebs teaming up to try to put the industry out to pasture, from the New York Post. Read more >>

Free Program Provides Access To Therapeutic Ponies
Five-year-old Nadia Miller was on top of the world. Monday afternoon, that world was Snowflake, a therapeutic pony at Spirit Horse Therapeutic Center in Corinth, Texas, from CBS 11. Read more >>

Spooked horse stomps on mother and daughter, 5
A mother and daughter are in the hospital after being stomped on by a horse over the weekend, from WSVN. Read more >>

Mother-Daughter Jockeys

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or in this case more like the saddle, from Fox 12.  Read more >>


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