All American Quarter Horse Congress Underway


American Quarter Horse showBy most estimates, the All American Quarter Horse Congress held annually in Columbus, Ohio, is the world’s largest single-breed show with more than 17,000 show entries. This year, the Congress runs Oct. 4-26, and as usual there is plenty of Quarter Horse action going on. Exceptional competitions, horse auctions, and educational demonstrations and lectures abound. With over seven acres of Quarter Horse-related exhibits, it’s no wonder the event attracts more than 650,000 visitors to the Columbus area annually and pumps $110 million into the local economy.  .

This got us to thinking about the demographics behind Quarter Horses. They are the most popular breed of horse in the United States after all, but what does the picture of a Quarter Horse look like? Most Congress attendees are members of the American Quarter Horse Association, so with a little help from an AQHA 2002 membership study here’s what we’ve pieced together about the demographics of Quarter Horse owners and the people attending the Congress this year:

Average age: 46
38% male
62% female
83% reside in a rural, farm or ranch area
41% hold an undergraduate degree
69% attended college
53% farm, ranch or are a management/professional
69% have household income over $50,000
28% have household income over $100,000
68% ride Western
36% ride English
On average, AQHA members have 7.6 American Quarter Horses per household
88% spend at least one hour per day with their horses

Average yearly expenditures:
$774 average spent on tack and saddles
$592 average spent on Western clothing, apparel
$451 average spent on English clothing, apparel
$557 average spent on horse care products (excluding medications)
$510 average spent on horse care medications

Ok, those are the hard facts. But based on our experience in the field, here’s what we’ve observed:
Quarter Horse owners can recite pedigrees in their sleep.
Quarter Horse owners usually own a pair of Wranglers.
Quarter Horse owners think 16 hands is really tall.
Quarter Horse owners have great trail horses.
Quarter Horse owners are generally like their mounts—easygoing with a preference for slowed paces.
Quarter Horse owners don’t generally mix breeds—it’s all Quarter Horses all the time.

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  1. I have to laugh at “QH owners think 16 hands is really tall.” So true, but to be fair, many working QHs are about 14.3-15 hands. Very interesting article!

  2. I never knew that many people came to the congress!!! I have a six year old mare and i never thought i could go to the congress.I think with the help of my trainer and my mom,take one step at a time 🙂


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