Have You Lost Your Favorite Showgrounds?


Horse show exhibitorThe Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, a non-profit national organization devoted to saving land for horses and equestrians, is compiling a list of equine competition sites/locations that have been lost to development in recent years and are hoping horse owners can help out with the task.

If you know of locations in which you or your friends used to school or compete that have since shut down due to development, the ELCR is asking you to contact them via email at: dballiet@elcr.org or info@elcr.org. Please include “Lost Competition Grounds” in the subject line, and include the following information in your message:

1. Name by which the competition site or farm was commonly known, along with city and state it was located in.
2. Type of competition held there (i.e. reining, dressage, cross-country, roping, driving, polo, et cetera).

The ELCR needs all responses by December 1, 2008.

For more information about the ELCR, visit www.elcr.org.


  1. This is an idea that was needed in our area a long time ago, before all of our county became one big housing development! We fought it to no avail, big money beat the horse people for the land and now if we want to ride we have to trailer out to trails or ride on the roads. If we would have had this group, we may have gotten somewhere. If this is happening in your area, please utilize this resource!


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