Billionaire???s Wife Steps Up to Save Wild Horses


Madeleine Pickens will help control the wild horse population with 1 million acres of landDays after the Bureau of Land Management announced it was struggling to manage its wild horse program, a billionaire’s wife stepped up to the plate. Madeleine Pickens, wife of Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, says she plans to create a massive refuge for about 30,000 wild horses and burros to avoid having the BLM euthanize or sell the animals for slaughter. Her plan includes buying 1 million acres for the horses, although a site has yet to be announced pending negotiations. The BLM has publicly stated it is on board with the Pickens plan and fully supports her efforts. Mrs. Pickens said she plans to make the refuge accessible to the public and that no horse will be turned down from the program.

About 33,000 wild horses and burros roam the open range in 10 Western states; that’s an excess of about 6,000 horses according to the BLM. An additional 33,000 horses that have been gathered from public rangelands are currently awaiting adoption, although the sluggish economy has left these animals lingering in holding pens across the country. The cost of keeping the wild horses in these holding facilities has caused the BLM to consider exporting the animals for slaughter or euthanizing them.

“We have mismanaged the horse situation and I will fix that,” Mrs. Pickens told The Dallas Morning News. “Everyone is on board with it. They want this project to happen.

“You shouldn’t be coming to this country to see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck,” Mrs. Pickens continued in her comments to The Dallas Morning News. “We are more than that. We are a country that was formed on horseback and we should enjoy it, not slaughter it.”


  1. This is fantastic! Finally someone who can help alot has stepped up to the plate! I may not be an American, but I still care what happens to these horses. What they have proposed to do before this kind lady intervened is not right. Thank you sooo much for this!!

  2. I absolutely love this! Thank you so much!!!!! Mrs.Pickens, you are a miracle!!! ^_^ I am so relieved and grateful to you for doing what needs to be done!!! And I know that the horses will be ever more grateful to you. Finally, someone who steps up to the plate to care. It’s really great to know this… Again, thank you. This made my day. And I’m so happy about it. =D

  3. God bless Mrs. Pickens!!!!!!!!!! It’s so great to have such wonderful and generous people how there that really, really care about our wild horses. After all, they are also “an American treasure”.

  4. I’m so glad there are people in the world still that care about something bigger than themselves. Especially when they are granted with wealth!
    This is just so wonderful!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs. Pickens. Your generosity and thoughtfulness for these majestic animals will ensure their survival for our children and our children’s children. This is a part of our heritage that should be preserved, not destroyed because it’s too expensive or too inconvenient to keep alive.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mrs. Pickens! It takes a very special person to do such a wonderful and selfless deed. I am happy that these beautiful animals will continue to roam free. God Bless Mrs. Pickens.

  7. Wow,thats great and finaly someone who knows what to do with their money.thanks so much Mrs. and Mr.Pickens for doing something great like this.

  8. That’s great! Finally, someone is taking the initiative, and taking the burden off the government. These horses are being saved, and that’s what we’ve been hoping and praying for.

    thank you so much to those of you involved in helping these horses =] i have done everything I can to help so far and I appreciate what you are doing! =] thanks so much you are very great people! =]

  10. WWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I love her for that! I didn’t know that there was anyone capable who had a heart for horses! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  11. This is the way to go!! Mrs. Pickens is one heck of a lady, congrats to her on that!! I am totally sure many equine-lovers are grateful to her.

  12. wow. This is something you hardly ever hear or read about anymore. A huge thank you from an equine lover to Mrs. Pickens for helping to save what helped to shape America – the horse. You are doing an amazing thing. God bless you.

  13. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this article. I am so happy that there is someone like Mrs. Pickens who has the means to help these poor animals. What a Godsend.

  14. YES! this is awesome news!
    What a great project – it was kind of getting hopelss for a little while, but Mrs. Pickens jumped right on it! God Bless everyone involved with this.

  15. GOD bless Mrs. Pickens. There really are angels. What a gutsy act she has
    taken upon her. This is for all the caring horse/animal lovers, myself being
    a rescuer also. What a remarkable feat and a heart warming one at that
    especially this time of year.
    Yours Truly,

  16. God Bless Mrs. Pickens and all involved with this. I have a mustang that I love very much and have wished I had the means to help these magestic animals. With this great opportunity, these horses can be saved from holding pens and most of all inhumane slaughter. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  17. God Bless Mrs. Pickins. I adopted a Mustang four years ago and she is the best and smartest horse in my barn: willing, kind, grateful and an absolute delight to own. If there is ANYTHING I can do help Mrs. Pickins in her project, I’m there. Perhaps she can help the BLM how to do it right.

  18. I’m glad she gave the horses a home and won’t be kill for meat. Thank You!!!! I’ve been trying to preach about this finally I get a reaction.

  19. WOW! Thank you Mrs. Pickens! These horses are a wonderful part of our western heritage and should have a place like this to go. HorseChannel– Please keep us informed on the program and let us know of ways we can contribute!

  20. I am trying to get in contact with someone who represents Mrs. Pickens on the Wild Horse Rescue.
    I am long time horseman and want to volunteer to help with saving the wild horses.
    My web site on horses is:
    Any help in getting this message to Mrs. Pickens would be greatly appreciated.
    Rick Gore

  21. amazing ! thank you so much ! you’re right, wild horses are a huge part of our heritage even here in canada – they should be given high priority for protection, not high priority for slaughter !

  22. perfect! im glad thier doing this now we HAVE to stop the slaughter houses her in canada and then it will be the best country ! 🙂

  23. I could not be more proud of Ms. Pickens. I wish more Americans who have the means to help would actually help. I have seen the horses crammed in pens and to slaughter 30,000 beautiful animals…that is criminal. I would be proud to know Ms. Pickens. She is one of a kind. Thank yoU!

  24. Yes Yes God Bless her………SHe has done the right thing…….For the 30,000 I woul dlike to shake her hand and give her a hug……..I have a Mustang here in New Jersey,,, when I get the finances I would like to open up a Mustang refuge for the wild to willing Mustangs for Public to see and want them as great horses for family and Horse activities

  25. Finally, someone in the upper echelons of financial ability, willing and giving with their heart to put those finances to a wonderful cause; saving an American icon! I adopted a wild mustang in 1983 from Wyoming and he is still alive and well and as wonderfully trying as ever at the ripe age of 26, here in NH! My first baby boy, Satin. My husband knows that when more horses are to come into my life, they will be Mustangs. And to see my now 19 month old baby girl sit on Satin’s now slightly sway back, kicking her little legs, while Daddy holds her, brings tears to my eyes. Bless you, Madeleine Pickens and good luck in your wonderful adventure!

  26. I defenatly agree. I don’t own a mustang but I would love to. I’m horse crazy and I don’t want to see any of them die. their sweet kind and good natured why would any one wan’t to kill them. It’s like killing a cute puppy. I am so happy your taking action thank you!!! Good Luck!!!

  27. Since seeing several documentaries on this woman who tracked the wild mustangs and their plight I have been touched to action. How Can I help or come to volunteer in saving of these animal. I have not the funds to donate as my hsuband has been laid off. But for years I have dreamed of these wondrous animals. They are freedom personified and have their own tribes. They must be save. They are their own civilization and inter-family relationships abound. As Mrs. Pickens states they are our national treasure and a wonder of nature and interaction. It broke my heart to see that they are easily killed by lightening.
    I find them fascinating and hope true resolution will defend these animals. Each clan should never be separated unless it is out of nature’s normal response. Save – Save Save these magical free spirited animals.

  28. I am very happy that Madeline Pickens purchased the land in Neveda for the Wild Mustangs.
    I have visited the Wild Mustang Refuge in South Dakota, those horses are so beautiful & have been here longer than some of us. They are the most beautiful horses one could see…
    Thank you Madeleine for doing what you did to save those Wild Mustangs


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