Land Rover Helps Implement Birth Control in Wild Horses


Wild mustangsSince the early 1970s, researchers at the Science and Conversation Center in Billings, Mont., and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have been exploring ways to manage wild horse populations using an immunocontraception vaccine. The goal behind the birth control is to eliminate the need for government-sponsored roundups of the wild horses. For years, the number of horses rounded up by BLM has far exceeded the number of potential adopters, consigning tens of thousands of horses to life in government holding facilities.

Now, The HSUS has a powerful new ally in its quest to keep wild horses on public lands. Land Rover recently donated two Certified Pre-Owned LR3s, retrofitted with special features to enable the HSUS team to successfully reach the wild horses with the supplies needed to administer the vaccine. Without these vehicles, the rugged mountain terrain that the Mustangs manuever with ease would be impossible for HSUS researchers to successfully traverse. 

The Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover LR3s have been aptly equipped with an awesome off road package, including a neat little cooler inside the console. Some might think it’s perfect for a few cold drinks, but it’s actually for keeping the immunocontraception vaccine cold until ready for use.


  1. I think this is a good idea, lots of horses now aren’t being adopted into good homes and a lot of them are being euthanized, I just hope they use the birth control method well. Its a risky buisness.


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