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USEA – Planning Responsibly for 2009 Economic Challenges
The USEA is implementing a few changes in an effort to continue to maintain the financial soundness of the Association in the face of the current economic crisis in the U.S., from the USEA.  Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Horse owners surprised by flood waters
Tijuana River Valley ranchers and horse owners say they were surprised by flood waters that rose so quickly Wednesday morning that many couldn’t move their animals to safety in time, from SignOnSanDiego.  Read more >>

Equestrian Sport

Robert Whitaker lifts the Olympia crowds
Robert Whitaker’s gave spectators at Olympia something to shout about in the KBIS Christmas pudding stakes, from Horse and Hound.  Read more >>

Human Interest

A-B Clydesdales, Botanical Garden chief team up for Rose Bowl Parade
Every so often, high-ranking editors at the Post-Dispatch realize some stories should be handled by time-tested experts, veterans of the reporting wars, masters of journalism, if you will, from STLToday.  Read more >>

Common Ground
Sharon Weikel and Jim Atchison hate mustard. They can’t bear the sight or the smell of it, much less the taste. But they love horses, from the Winston-Salem Journal.  Read more >>

Racing News

Asmussen Wins a Record 600 Thoroughbred Horse Races in a Year
Steve Asmussen, who trained 2007 Horse of the Year Curlin, became the first North American trainer to win 600 thoroughbred races in a single year, from Bloomberg.  Read more >>

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  1. I had wanted to find about the many horses that were caught in a flood up to their noses in San Diego and the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales and the new sale of the company—right here in the HorseChannel Newswire! worth reading and thank you for all the informative Horse related FYI! Now I am reminded and know to work on a evacuation plan, now.


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