IPHDA offers the chance to show without leaving home


The IPHDA helps horse owners develop well-trained horsesThe International Performance Horse Development Association (IPHDA) wants to know, “how broke is your horse?” The new organization, which just completed its first competition year, is dedicated to helping its members develop “willingly guided horses” from the comforts of home.

The IPHDA is described as a combination of western dressage, reining and basic training, and offers competitive divisions for all horses and riders.

But what truly makes the organization so unique is its events, which include Virtual Shows, where exhibitors from around the world submit their performances to the IPHDA on videotape. Each participant’s videotape is critiqued by an IPHDA judge and entered into an online show. The judges offer feedback on scores and advice on how to improve each performance, making every IPHDA exhibitor a winner. There are even cash paybacks for the champions and chances to win many awards just for entering.

During 2008, the IPHDA had the following performance horse industry stars judge its online shows:

• Jim McCutcheon from Valley View Texas
• Todd Sommers from Whitesboro Texas
• Casey Hinton from Whitesboro Texas
• Clint Haverty from Krum Texas
• Lindsay Grice from Ontario Canada

In addition to online shows, the IPHDA offers “V Practices,” which are set up for equestrians who don’t have ready access to trainers in their area. Using the Internet, the IPHDA and participating clinicians offer each V Practice participant personalized training critiques and tips.

To learn more, visit www.iphda.com.

For advice on western training, visit HorseChannel’s Ask the Expert pages.


  1. hey yall’s idea is so cool! hey yall thanke you could giv me some advice, see my resently purchesed stud has been pastuered all his life and wen he arives i plan on pastuering in the day and sabeling him at night but i dont know how he’ll react to the stabel. what do yall thanke?

  2. Excellent format and very easy in which to participate! For those that are interested in building a good foundation on their horse for a variety of other disciplines, this is a great training too with excellent feedback from a variety of great trainers, clinicians and recognized judges. Let us know if anyone has questions on the website, and also links for online coaching help@ http://www.iphda.com
    Hope to see you all online!

  3. This is a really fun way to put all that training to the test and know what you need to do next with advice from the experts!!!!!!


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