North American Thoroughbred Society Cuts Costs

Thoroughbred Sport Horse
Nicole Dutzi with her stallion Best Hope. Copyright 2008, all rights reserved.

Recognizing the impact of tough economic times on the equine industry and its members, The North American Thoroughbred Society (NATBS), a company that promotes the interests of Jockey Club-registered North American Thoroughbreds, announced that it has revised its popular North American Series award program. The revised recognition program maintains a high level of service to members while significantly reducing membership costs and extending benefits.
Effective immediately, the annual membership fee is reduced from $85 to $35 – an approximately 60-percent reduction. In addition, NATBS will post and archive annual award results on  instead of issuing certificates through the mail. Beginning in 2009, membership benefits have been extended to include a quarterly e-newsletter, free classified ads in the e-newsletter, a Year in Review document, and option to submit profiles of members’ Thoroughbreds for publication. An Annual General membership can also be applied to a Competitors’ membership if desired.
“It’s wonderful to be supported in our efforts,” says Nicole Dutzi, of Goldolphin Farm in Kentucky. “I love that the revised program includes archived results, so that the general public can view our accomplishments year after year. And each horse can be rewarded for excelling in the equine discipline that he or she is best at—whether in dressage, barrel racing, jumping, or other events. NATBS continues to demonstrate its commitment to members through this significant fee reduction and program enhancement.”
Thoroughbreds and their riders gain recognition for their efforts while competing locally, regionally, or nationally. Whether the rider is amateur or professional, Thoroughbreds registered with NATBS can win points toward North American Series Awards in dressage or a wide range of other disciplines. Horses accumulating 20 or more points win recognition at the end of the year.  NATBS recognizes the achievements of Thoroughbreds, supports Thoroughbred breed classes, and fosters community for members choosing Thoroughbreds as their valued sport and recreational horses. Award programs include the North American Series, Worldwide Trails Program, United States Dressage Federation All Breeds Awards, Kentucky Dressage Association Breeder Classics, and Parkland Festival. Information about NATBS, membership, and award programs can be found at



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