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Equestrian Sport

McLain Ward, Sapphire win Grand Prix at Winter Equestrian Festival
Double Olympic gold medallists McLain Ward and Sapphire captured their second major grand prix in a row Saturday, winning the CN $200,000 Grand Prix at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. From Palm Beach Daily News. Read more >>

Teaching riders is top goal for anti-doping panel
A panel of anti-doping experts is pushing for increased efforts to teach equestrian riders about doping rules in an attempt to solve the sport’s problems with horses failing drug tests at the Olympics. From International Herald Tribune. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Online Auction With IMS Prize Packages To Benefit At-Risk Horses
VIP packages donated by Mari Hulman George, the chairman of the board of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, are the featured items in an online auction starting Monday, March 9 to raise funds for The Humane Society of the United States equine protection programs. From Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Read more >>

Help available for pet owners in hard times
Difficult economic times have left some financially strapped pet owners and horse owners turning to animal protective organizations to take their beloved animals. From Daily Gazette. Read more >>

Future brighter for horse left for dead in Mesa
Amaris Saldate’s heart broke when her family found a severely beaten horse that was left for dead on their Mesa doorstep. From ABC15. Read more >>

Horse Health

Stomping out strangles in horses: A researcher’s new vaccine may help
Swollen lymph nodes beneath your jaw are a common occurrence in human medicine. While they are not usually a major concern to physicians, mention to an equine veterinarian that your horse has large swellings on the side of its neck and their reaction is quite the opposite. From Farm and Dairy. Read more >>

In Other News

Eventer Pippa Funnell writes children’s story books
Not content with being an eventing world-beater, Olympic silver medallist and twice European champion Pippa Funnell is turning her hand to writing children’s stories. From Horse and Hound. Read more >>

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