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3 year old equestrian returns to Winter Classic
Whoever said age is nothing but a number must have had Jillian Gillis in mind. She’s a three and a half-year-old equestrian. From WLOX. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

First-World FEI Dressage Horse Helps Third-World Working Horses
In South Florida, FEI dressage horse, Nimos, settles comfortably into his spacious stall for the night. A deep bed of dry shavings, a bucket of clean fresh water and the best hay will see him through the night. From DressageDaily. Read more >>

In Other News

Horse Patrol Looking For Volunteers
In 2003, during budget woes very similar to what’s happening in the state these days, the Department of Environmental Protection took a big hit, and a number of the state’s parks were in danger of closing. From Hartford Courant. Read more >>

Horse-Riding Spider Monkey Still On The Run
A horse-riding monkey is still on the run in Lake County, and on Monday News 13 learned the animal’s owner may face criminal charges. From Central Florida News 13. Read more >>

Horse Kicks Toddler In Face, Causing Severe Injuries
A Plattsmouth toddler is in intensive care in Lincoln after getting kicked in the face by a horse. From KETV. Read more >>

Missouri man travels by horse
A southeast Missouri man puts away the car keys and does his traveling by horse only. It’s not the economy, it’s just that 46-year-old David Field of Patton prefers the slower pace. From Fox4KC. Read more >>

American Paint Horse Foundation raises $25,000
The American Paint Horse Foundation’s mission to “improve lives through the power of Paints,” was strengthened recently, when the charitable organization reached its goal of raising $25,000 to start a therapeutic riding launch new therapeutic riding program. From APHA. Read more >>

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