AQHA debuts Greener Pastures program


Horses in a fieldAmerican Quarter Horse owners love their horses – past, present and future – and many want to keep track of those horses even after they are sold.

The American Quarter Horse Association developed the Greener Pastures program to reunite breeders and previous owners with horses they remember well. Through the free Greener Pastures program, AQHA members will be able to indicate on a horse’s registration certificate that if the horse ever becomes unwanted, unusable or simply ready for retirement that the member will – if possible – assist in providing or finding a suitable home.

The free, voluntary program does not guarantee that a buyback or exchange of money will occur nor that a horse is assured a home – situations can and do change. It allows members an opportunity to keep track of and provide for the long-term care of horses they’ve bred or owned. However, you must be an AQHA member to sign up for or enroll a horse in the program. Go to to sign in with your AQHA member ID and personal identification number.

“AQHA wants to help responsible horse owners,” said Tom Persechino, AQHA executive director of marketing and communications. “We believe we can better serve the equine industry and help ensure the long-term care of horses we register with this program. By implementing Greener Pastures, we begin to fill a void.”

At AQHA, being “green” means more than reducing one’s carbon footprint; it’s actually a much larger issue of social responsibility to the earth and all of its creatures.

Essentially, the Association will act as a clearinghouse by tracking Greener Pastures-enrolled horses and AQHA members who have indicated the desire to help.

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  1. That’s great! I would definetly want to be a part of this, if only other associations would do the same thing, it would help decrease the number of unwanted horses!


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