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NCHA series gives older cutting horses new shot at title
The National Cutting Horse Association’s biggest and most prestigious events are age limited. More specifically, there are the Triple Crown events. And even more specifically, there is the World Championship Futurity. From Star-Telegram. Read more >>

Equine Health

Researchers study equine heaves, human asthma for possible treatments
Much like asthma in humans, equine heaves is a chronic, often debilitating disease in horses. The symptoms can range from coughing, exercise, and work intolerance to, eventually, labored breathing even at rest. From News Leader. Read more >>

Racing News

Putting the cart around the horse
Forget the images of racehorses at dawn and the accompanying sounds, a rider singing as he takes his horse back to barn on a long rein, the banter of the trainers misinforming each other about their charges, the hoofbeats overlaid with a spray of sand against the rail. From HorseBytes. Read more >>

Some good news in horse racing
Among all the horrible economic news that’s going around some good news about horse racing is available.
From The Sports Network.

In Other News

Horse treated for grass allergy
A horse is having to be kept covered up after it developed an allergy to grass. Emily Pearce, from Henley-on-Thames, has owned five-year-old Pandora for the past two years. From BBC News. Read more >>

Audubon Lifestyles develops a Sustainable Equestrian Facility Program
Three organizations, Audubon Lifestyles, Equestrian Services LLC, and The International Sustainability Council have developed a sustainability-based program for equestrian facilities. From CSR Wire. Read more >>

Horse rescued from I-70 rollover in Vail
Firefighters in Vail, Colorado rescued a horse trapped in an upended trailer Monday morning on eastbound Interstate 70 after a one-vehicle accident. From Vail Daily. Read more >>

Now Available! Horses Make Good Neighbors
The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) is very pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, Horses Make Good Neighbors. From USDF. Read more >>

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