The North American Riders Group is Moving Forward


McLain Ward and SapphireThe North American Riders Group (NARG) is pleased to announce that it is now a fully incorporated organization and is currently awaiting approval for it’s 501c3 not for profit status application.
The NARG was founded to represent the viewpoints and interests of all riders, trainers and owners in equestrian sport in North America. The NARG focus is to encourage growth of equestrian sport by improving the quality of events and controlling costs. They intend to effect change through constructive criticism and positive influence on the governing bodies through committee activities.
The founding members of the group include elected President Chris Kappler, Vice President McLain Ward, and board members Beezie Madden, Kent Farrington, Jimmy Torano, and Norman Dello Joio. Jennifer Markee is the Executive Director of the group.
NARG President Chris Kappler looks forward to the group’s future as they expand and gain membership. The NARG’s nominating committee has solicited additional board members from Canada and Mexico.
“We are going to be finding regional representation throughout the United States,” Kappler explained. “We are in the process of assigning those individuals right now and that will kick off the next set of campaigns for fundraising and awareness. The desire is to be all inclusive of the horse sport across the country and in Canada and in Mexico.”
“I think that this is a movement that has been a long time coming and I think that the whole equestrian community wants some unity,” stated NARG Vice President McLain Ward. “I think it is going to be better for all parties involved, that is horse show management, the federation, and exhibitors in general, because it will be one united voice.”
Board member Beezie Madden commented, stating, “I think it is exciting…The spirit seems to be that uniting as riders is a good thing, for one thing when there is a controversy, but also just to help improve things in general. There can be one opinion given to show managers or the federation or anybody who needs input from the riders instead of getting scattered reports from different riders. Now there is a place that they can go to get an answer and that is what we are looking for and what we think is good for the sport.”
Board member Kent Farrington also expressed his support for the NARG. “I think that the group is actually something that is long overdue in the United States. They have had basically the same type of group in Europe for 40 years, so we are a little bit behind in putting it together,” Farrington stated. “I am really excited to be a part of it and really excited to see it get off the ground.”
The NARG is already presenting itself on a united front and it seems that all involved are very proud of how they have represented themselves. The general consensus is that the group will continue to expand and that as it does, everyone involved will work together to achieve their common goal of improving the equestrian sport for the future.
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