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Support USEA Team Safety!
“SafeT’s” will be on sale at the USEA booth at the Rolex CCI**** trade fair April 23rd-26th.  All profits will go to the USEA Safety Fund to support vital research, education, and safety programs. From USEA. Read more >>

Equine Health

Online system for equine anemia tests
The New Jersey Department of Agriculture Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory is now connected with GlobalVetLink for online submittals of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA/Coggins) tests. From Read more >>

In Other News

Eight Belles, one year later
There will be a great deal said and written over the next few weeks about Eight Belles and whether or not her death in last year’s Kentucky Derby served as a call to action for a Thoroughbred industry that traditionally has been reticent to change. From ESPN. Read more >>

5 remain hospitalized in wagon accident
Five people remain hospitalized after they and 11 others were thrown from a horse-drawn wagon in Grant County. From Read more >>

American Junior Paint Horse Association president uses talent to change young lives
At only 18 years of age, American Junior Paint Horse Association (AjPHA) President Banks Ready is beyond his years. From APHA. Read more >>

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  1. Although I usually find your site interesting. It is amazing that you have had no further infoabout the horriffic condition of the horses on Center Brook farms and the arrest of their owner Ernie Parragello. I hope he is not being protected by your publications, since I have seen first hand the horrific conditions these horses are “living” in.

  2. Eight Belles article is interesting. Horses have broken down in the past and will continue to do so in the future, but at least now the racing industry is being forced to take responsability and try to mitigate breakdowns instead of just considering it the “cost of doing business.” I hope they throw the book at that trainer. Bad enough he had prior violations but does he seriously expect us to believe that a trainer who heard all the hype this past year about drugs wouldn’t even make the effort to check out the rules where he was racing. Yeah, right.


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