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Equine Health

The horse industry still remembers MRLS
Springtime for most people brings flowers, green pastures and warmer weather, but for those in horse country, it brings the sight of playful foals running beside their mothers. From Business Lexington. Read more >>

Rare blood disorder kills filly
There’s Trouble at a local riding stable, and she might just find her way to the racetrack. From North Bay Nugget. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Treatment of horses on Rev. Creflo Dollar’s Fayette property under investigation
A little more than a year ago, Pastor Creflo Dollar installed a locked gate across a small unpaved pathway that his neighbor Joey Brooks used to access the back portion of his property across Whitewater Creek. From Fayette Daily News. Read more >>

Schweitzer’s horse slaughter amendments rejected
The Legislature on Thursday soundly rejected Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s proposed amendments to a controversial bill that would open the door for horse slaughter facilities in Montana. From Great Falls Tribune. Read more >>

Study of ND horse slaughterhouse approved
North Dakota lawmakers have agreed to spend $50,000 on a study of whether a horse slaughterhouse can be built in the state. From KXMB. Read more >>

In Other News

Pa’u Riders important part of festival
Near the end of each Merrie Monarch Festival many Big Island residents gather throughout the main streets of downtown Hilo to watch the traditional Merrie Monarch Royal Parade. From Big Island Weekly. Read more >>

China levels mountain for equestrian facility
China is preparing to host its first equestrian event, and authorities say they have levelled off a mountain to build the facility to host the horse events. From Read more >>

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