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For horses’ safety, he thinks outside the hocks
In the wake of tragic, nationally televised horse injuries, thoroughbred racing has been notorious for responding with safety committees. From The Boston Globe. Read more >>

Only in horse racing
They may call horse racing the Sport of Kings, but Tom McCarthy is no king. He’s the littlest of little guys, a 75-year-old retired schoolteacher with one horse — a horse that might just win the Kentucky Derby. From ESPN. Read more >>

Horse racing launches track safety inspections
There was a time not so long ago when right after a horse race, the question was, “Who won?” From Chicago Tribune. Read more >>

Many Derby Owners Silent on Drug Issue
The death of the filly Eight Belles during last year’s Kentucky Derby, along with the revelation that Big Brown had been treated with steroids before his dazzling victory, spurred pledges of reform and accountability for the welfare of the American thoroughbred. From The New York Times. Read more >>

In Other News

DUI — on a horse
One of two men who was arrested for DUI on Sunday said they were no more than 20 feet away from one of their yards — and on horseback. From The Daily Citizen. Read more >>

Program would send horses to prison
A Southern Illinois horse lover wants to use retired racehorses to train prison inmates to become Thoroughbred groomers. From Read more >>

P.R.E. Raffle Mare Introduced
The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse introduced to the public the 2009 Raffle Horse, Maravilla RSDP. From Performance Horse Registry. Read more >>

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  1. I think that the program that would use retired racehorses to train prison inmates to become grooms is a great idea. It gives the retired horses a second chance to live. It also provides inmates with a job, instead of causing trouble in prison. I also like the fact that most prisons have training programs for Mustangs, and put them up for adoption after training. These 2 programs give horses a new job and a second chance, instead of killing healthy animals for no reason at slaughterhouses.


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