Show Apparel Retailer’s Warehouse Burglarized

A Hobby Horse warehouse was broken into and clothing was stolen
Photo courtesy Hobby Horse Inc.

On Saturday, May 23, a large quantity of show clothing was stolen from the Hobby Horse warehouse in Chino, California. Hobby Horse specializes in show clothes for western riders.

Among the stolen items were 300 pairs of the company’s signature PMS split leather chaps and several limited edition items that cannot be replaced. Initial reports suggest that the thieves were specifically targeting the higher-end show clothes with the intent to sell them as no computers or other electronics were taken from the warehouse.

Hobby Horse president Suzi Drnec posted the following letter on the company’s website.

Hobby Horse’s warehouse in Chino, CA was burglarized on May 23rd and many garments were taken. We still have plenty of inventory and are working with local law enforcement trying to recover what was stolen. Many thanks to all our horse community friends for passing along the word.

We believe the thieves will try to fence our property in large lots; please report any suspicious offers for quantities of Hobby Horse leather chaps and apparel to:

Please do not worry about Hobby Horse products at our Authorized Dealers or offers for individual items on auction or forum sites. Again, thank you for your concern and assistance in this matter.


  1. It seems as though these items are specialized enough that they would be hard to sell without someone noticing something suspicious.


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