Pinto World Championship Show Runs This Week in Oklahoma


The 2009 Pinto World Championship Horse Show will be held at Expo Square The Pinto World Championship Horse Show returns to the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex at Expo Square on June 9-20, 2009, with a colorful contingent of Pintos of various sizes from around the world. The show will be available for viewing via webcast at

Produced by the Pinto Horse Association of America Inc., the 12-day competition will showcase talented horses, ponies and miniatures and their exhibitors in a wide array of disciplines including jumping, reining, driving, roping, pleasure and halter.

“A slow economy can’t get us down,” said Darrell Bilke, PWC Show Manager and PtHA Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President. “Thanks to several generous sponsors, we are giving higher quality awards than ever before and we are expecting many of the best exhibitors in the country to show up and compete for them.”

Special evening performances will excite crowds as Pintos display their athleticism and creativity in competitions such as the President’s Halter Cup, two versatility showcases and the costume class.

New for 2009, the Pink Your Pinto Parade on June 12 will honor those that have survived cancer, those that are still fighting the battle and those that have fallen to the disease. Donations will be taken throughout the event to benefit research at the OU Cancer Institute.

Keeping with the giving spirit, the winner of the Charity Walk/Trot class will donate all the award money to the charity of their choice and the entry fees from the lighthearted Trainer’s Leadline class will support the Challenged Rider’s Leadline.

“Our members love to show their support and give back to charitable organizations,” said Bilke. “We are glad we can provide an outlet for them to do just that with these events.”

Live animals won’t be the only ones competing for prizes at the show this year. The second annual Pinto World Championship Model Horse Show will take place June 13-14. Competition in the full list of halter and performance classes is open to the public.

Youth and Amateur exhibitors have the opportunity to compete without their Pintos as well. Throughout the show, they will participate in horse knowledge tests and stall decorating contests.

“The competition in Tulsa is top notch, but there is far more to the event than the classes in the arena,” said Bilke. “Social activities like the PWC Welcome Party and the Ice Cream Social are all part of the comfortable atmosphere that makes the PWC a great place to be in the summer.”

For those that need to stock up on the latest products, more than 70 vendors will occupy the Pinto World Championship Trade Show during the horse show. They offer everything a horse lover could want or need. Tack, supplies, clothing, jewelry, furniture, trucks, trailers and much more merchandise will be available for purchase.

Incorporated in 1956, the Pinto Horse Association of America was formed to encourage the promotion of quality horses, ponies and miniatures with color and to establish a registry for maintaining their pedigrees and records. Currently, the association serves approximately 14,000 members and boasts more than 136,000 registered Pintos.

For more information about the 2009 Pinto World Championship, please visit To learn more about the Association, visit


  1. I love pintos, but this picture makes them look creepy. The designer did not do a good job in picking that picture.

  2. That sounds really cool! I have always admired paint horses, but this is a really strange picture, wouldn’t you agree? I’ve never seen such a creepy looking face! Maybe it’s just a bad picture.

  3. The featured horse for this article is wicked weird looking. I love the breed just a strange pic to choose for a cover…

  4. Yes it appears this horse may be an American Saddlebred and yes it may look a little “weird” for those of you who are not used to seeing a long elegant aristrocratic neck coming high out the withers.


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