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Black Hills Group Pushing For Return Of Horse Slaughter For Humane Reasons
It was earlier this year when local thoroughbred breeder Dale Simanton was called to a neighbor’s farm to look at a horse the owner believed to have colic, a potentially fatal disease. From KOTA Radio. Read more >>

In Other News

Psychotherapist Chantelle Grant uses horses to help heal
Because she always loved horses, psychotherapist Chantelle Grant started paying for riding lessons at 18. As a pre-med student in college, she took a psychology class and knew she’d found her calling. From The Charlotte Sun. Read more >>

Wild Horses on Auction Block
More than three dozen wild horses were sold to Vermonters at a sale in Rutland Saturday. From WCAX. Read more >>

Horse on mend after lightning strike
Even a horse can be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If Hershel — a rodeo horse owned by Josh Land of 251 Charlotte Drive — could speak, he would surely testify to the old expression. From The Daily Citizen. Read more >>

Not just horsin’ around: Search team uses horses to find lost people
The 4-year-old horse couldn’t understand why his rider wanted him to plow through the woods when a perfectly good path lay nearby. From Read more >>

Horses Help 2-Year-Old Boy Cope With Cancer
Marcus Terry’s parents said they’re thrilled their son lived to celebrate his third birthday after being diagnosed with leukemia as a 2-year-old in September 2008. From Cattle Network. Read more >>

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