New Troxel Web Portal Raises Helmet Safety Awareness


Troxel's Safety Resource Center features up-to-date helmet and riding safety infoLeading helmet manufacturer Troxel LLC has unveiled the Troxel Safety Resource Center, an interactive educational resource for the equestrian community.

Troxel’s Safety Resource Center at /redirect.php? is the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of equestrian helmet safety information available online. Organized into categories for adults, kids, and educators, the site provides an assortment of information, games, and resources designed to engage equestrian riders, promote safe helmet practices and ultimately reduce the occurrences and severity of head injuries.

“We are excited to deliver a site that is both educational and fun that appeals to riders of all ages,” said Shay Timms, CEO of Troxel. “The Safety Resource Center gives us a unique opportunity to share necessary helmet information with the community in new ways and we are excited to see what the community will add.”

Highlights of the new site include:

For Adults: Helmet Evaluation, Proper Fit Guide, and Online Resources
For Kids: Games, Helmet Myths, Tips for Finding the Right Helmet
For Educators: Lesson Plans, Certification Information, Testing Videos and Studies
HeadSmart Blog

Troxel’s Safety Resource Center incorporates Web 2.0 technologies, allowing visitors to interact and contribute their own perspectives on safety and helmet use. Their stories and comments appear in the “HeadSmart Blog,” where riders can recount firsthand experiences of “kicks falls and other close calls.”

The new website was designed by Teneleven Interactive, an Internet marketing agency based in San Diego, CA.

“We hope the Safety Resource Center will bring people together and help raise awareness of the importance of head protection,” said Timms. “Including riders’ actual stories, told in their own words, adds a level of impact and a fresh perspective to the safety center. We want to ensure that their stories are at the heart of everything we are doing to create safe products.” 

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  1. Hmm, this is interesting. I hope it will encourage a few more people to wear a brain bucket ;D
    I always wear a helmet while riding. The choice is personal, of course, but all of the arguments against wearing one that I have heard were vain, uninformed, or easily dispelled. Things like “They’re ugly” (Not as ugly as you’ll look in a hospital bed. Besides, there are stylish ones), “they’re painful” (then get one that actually fits), and “they’re too expensive” (Not as expensive a an ER visit. And yes, you can find helmets that are very affordable, and offer the same amount of protection as the more expensive models). So yeah, they don’t have to be a big deal; you can make one an essential part of your riding outfit. They’re an equestrian icon, after all.

  2. When I was a stupid kid I never wore a helmet nor had the money to buy one but now that I’m older and more aware I always wear one. My life has definitely been saved by a helmet. And once when I forgot I ended up on a dangerous horse and had concussion for a week. Kids think they’re invincible and parents should enforce that their children wear helmets. Adults should be smart enough to know better.

  3. I live by the motto: Every ride, every horse, every time” when it comes to wearing a helmet. It is a lifesaver!


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