ASPCA Joins United Effort To Obtain Justice For Mutilated Mare

The Nevada Dept. of Agriculture found this filly wandering around the desert
The abused filly was transported over the weekend to her new home at Horses of Tir Na Nog sanctuary where she is recovering under the watchful care of staff and volunteers. Photo by Tess Davis, Hawk’s Journey Photography

The equine rescue community and horse lovers across America were outraged last week by a horrible act of cruelty that was inflicted on a 2 yr old domestic filly in Nevada. The Nevada Department of Agriculture found the terrified dappled grey filly wandering alone near Round Mountain, a remote mining community about 235 miles southeast of Reno. Dumping her in the desert to fend for herself was not the worst of it though. In an effort to make sure the filly could not be traced to them, her former owner cut a 6 x 8 section out of the horse’s flesh to remove the brand.

Officials at the Department of Agriculture took the horse to a holding facility where she was treated by a vet and contacted Return to Freedom, a wild horse sanctuary in California, who agreed to help the mare. She is safely recovering in her new home now and will be well cared for during the rest of her life.

With the horse safe, the national community is turning its attention to finding the person responsible for this brutal act and bringing them to justice. Humane Society of the United States announced that they were offering a $2500 reward for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator. Today, the ASPCA stepped forward to match those funds, bringing the total reward to $5000. Questions about the reward, or information regarding this case, should be directed to the Nevada Dept. of Agriculture at (775) 738-8076.

“We applaud the ASPCA and HSUS for their role in helping law enforcement officials bring justice to the person responsible for this, and we applaud officials at the Dept. of Agriculture for acting swiftly to save this mare. Had she gone to auction in this economy, the mare would certainly have been scooped up by the slaughter industry’s kill buyers and taken to Mexico to endure a grisly death.” Says Return to Freedom Founder Neda DeMayo.

“It is ironic that this mare was spared the nightmare of slaughter and yet pro slaughter advocates are using her story to make the case to reopen U.S. based slaughter houses, claiming that she was abandoned and brutally tortured because horse slaughter was outlawed in the U.S.,” said ASPCA president Ed Sayres. “Abandoned horses are the result of a struggling economy, and the unscrupulous overbreeding of horses…around the country. The numbers of dogs and cats being surrendered to shelters increases when the economy fails as well but we don’t blame that on a lack of dog slaughtering facilities. The real solution involves educating breeders and horse owners about responsible horse husbandry, not using slaughter to enable the overbreeding of horses to continue.”


  1. “The numbers of dogs and cats being surrendered to shelters increases when the economy fails as well but we don’t blame that on a lack of dog slaughtering facilities.”
    Amen to that quote! I’m so sick of people claiming that we wouldn’t have abused or abandoned horses if we just started killing them again at slaughterhouses.

  2. I really feel for this poor innocent filly and I hope that someone can find her previous owner and pursue legal charges regardless of the reward or anything.

  3. I dont see how anyone can do that to a poor inncocent animal. This is something that really shocks me. How could someone live with doing this.

  4. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we find out it was a pro-slaughter person who did this for no other reason than to ‘prove’ their point of view.

  5. I just don’t get how people can do something so horrible to magniicent animals like horses, do they not understand that horses are the essence of raw power yet incredible gentleness, freedom but willing to be trained to love us and teach us things we would never know if not for them? Yes there are some horses who have to use their muscle to protect themselves, and in most cases it wouldn’t be necessary or them to do so if not for the disgusting, horrible way some humans treat them. People like that give horsepeople who really care about these animals a bad rep. I think it’s time to put an end to that. These people who hurt that beautiful mare need to be brought to justice horsewoman style!

  6. It’s really FUNNY that those who want to re-open slaughter houses say she was abused because there are none in the U.S. Let’s face the facts here. Just because they didn’t have a slaughter house to bring her to does NOT mean they had to abuse her.
    They abused her. period. it would have happend. If they wanted to kill her they couldn’t have spared the money for Euthinization or as last resort a bullet? They also could have given her away! Just because we have no sluaghter houses does NOT mean this is why people are sick and do this. If a 17 year old can figure this out than why can’t they?

  7. This has nothing to do with the issue for slaughter. There are and always will be cruel people out there. I hope they catch him.

  8. My family and I are appalled that any human could inflict such torture on a helpless horse. Whoever did this definitely planned on ensuring that this horse could never be traced to them. I feel strongly that a rancher didn’t want this filly, so cut the brand out, and turned her loose to fend for herself. I hope that person is caught, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks to the person or persons who found her…. At least now she is safe.

  9. This has nothing to do with the horse slaughter issue! Please! How sick can you people be to use this to pray on peoples feelings for horses to try to pass…I said ..pass horse slaughter. You people are just as sick headed as the person who did this to this poor horse.! Great job in joining together to help find this sicko ! And shame on you pro slaughter for useing this to benifit you!


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