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International Dressage Riders Club refuses Isabell Werth’s resignation
The International Dressage Riders Club has refused to accept the resignation of international rider Isabell Werth. From Horse and Hound. Read more >>

CAS sets date for Hansen’s Olympic doping appeal
Sport’s highest court on Thursday set an October date for Tony Andre Hansen’s appeal to keep his Olympic equestrian medal after his horse failed a drug test. From The Associated Press. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Emaciated horses dumped on ranch near Patterson
Two local horse rescue organizations have taken in nine animals dumped on a ranch near Patterson, and two of the horses are in extremely bad shape. From The Modesto Bee. Read more >>

In Other News

AQHA Broadcast Programming Moves Online
The American Quarter Horse Association is now broadcasting America’s Horse TV on the Internet. From AQHA. Read more >>

New police horses are mane event in downtown Bethlehem
As Bethlehem police’s two newest members made their downtown debut clip-clopping across Main Street on Wednesday afternoon, a woman pulled over her car and excitedly waved through her open window. From The Morning Call. Read more >>

Science proves what jockeys know: Posture matters
Over a century after a Yankee Doodle jockey revolutionized how racehorses are ridden, scientists are figuring out why a jockey’s posture speeds up the horse. From The Associated Press. Read more >>

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