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Is 700 Million Dollar Wild Horse Bill Justified?
Congressman Louie Gohmert, who represents parts of East Texas, is speaking out against a wild horse welfare bill. From KETKNBC. Read more >>

Groups push to slaughter horses for meat, possibly starting in Oregon
Ranchers, Native Americans and others are pushing for the renewed slaughter of horses in the U.S. — possibly starting in Oregon — and processing them into meat. From OregonLive. Read more >>

In Other News

It’s their job at the track to keep racehorses safe
The gates fly open, the announcer barks, “And they’re off!” and six superbly fit, muscle-bound thoroughbred racehorses burst forth, their hooves drumming the track, replaying the sport’s ancient anthem in rumbling thunder. From The LA Times. Read more >>

Young survivors helped with grief by horses
Jordan Amella was all smiles when he got off a horse named Cloud at the Ramapo Equestrian Center yesterday. From Read more >>

Rattlers, lions among perils for Idaho horseman
Outside Owyhee, Nev., a mountain lion stalked Phil Dawson and his horse-and-mule team for a couple of days before losing interest. From Seattle PI. Read more >>

Horse racing: Because of cloning, horses are no longer a breed apart
Linda Juckette of Cumming, Ia., sees her horses in much the same way she sees her 14-year-old son, Cole. From Des Moines Register. Read more >>

Former NYPD horse finds a place to retire
The New York Police Department contemplates retirement for horses in its Mounted Unit when they hit 20 years old. From WTOP. Read more >>

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