Equimax Career Game Now Available Online for Free


    The Career Game CD is an equine industry advice CD from EquimaxThe horse industry career service Equimax has just released a new online version of its acclaimed Career Game CD.  The online version gives the same in-depth career building advice to horse industry professionals as the original version, is available instantly, and it is free.

    The Career Game is a complete guide to building a successful career in the horse industry.  The game is fun to play and teaches good career building skills.  Extensive Resource Pages cover Preparing for a Job Search, Searching, Interviewing, Negotiating, Performance on the Job, and Advancing Your Career.  Also included are Common Mistakes, Frequently Asked Questions, and extensive links to employment-related resources on the Internet.

    The Career Game has been acclaimed by:

    Sue Stuska, EdD., former editor of The Horse Specialist’s Guide to Educational Opportunities and Contributing Editor to Horse Journal:
    “Everyone who aspires to a career in the horse industry, or is looking to advance, should take advantage of this infinitely helpful planner.  The Career Game brings together all that advice most people figure out the hard way (or don’t find out, and that hurts their careers even though they have the abilities).  Plus, it’s fun.”

    Bonnie Kreitler, author of 50 Careers with Horses:
    “Playing The Career Game is only half the fun!  The inside information in the accompanying resource files can make anyone who takes it to heart a winner.  Choosing and developing a career is not a game to be taken lightly — the comprehensive advice in this fabulous resource is a “must have” for horse-loving youngsters, parents, or those already in the industry who want to move ahead.”

    Judi Barbour, Equine Sciences Career Counselor, Colorado State University:
    “The Career Game is very detailed and informative for any student seeking a career and learning how to professionally search.  The more prepared you are, the more likely you will be to get that ideal job.”

    Try The Career Game online yourself at: www.equimax.com/game

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