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Muscle Hill wins Hambletonian record time at the Meadowlands
Trainer Greg Peck months ago called his drive for a Hambletonian win with his superstar colt Muscle Hill “Operation: Hambletonian.” From The New York Daily News. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Horse Lovers Protest at Abuse Hearing
Friday morning 56 year old Patricia White and her husband, William, were still in police custody. From My Fox Memphis. Read more >>

In Other News

Horse deaths see property quarantined
A horse that died on a central Queensland property on the weekend in a possible outbreak of the Hendra virus was the third to die there in two weeks. From The Australian. Read more >>

Thoroughbred Sales Drop, an Ominous Sign for an Erratic Industry
The sluggish opening sale of the 2009 thoroughbred auction season had just concluded, and my last shot at selling our handsome yearling colt was the skinny old cowboy with a drooping eyelid who had trekked to our barn in sharp-pointed boots and a straw hat with a rattlesnake band complete with head and gaping fangs. From The New York Times. Read more >>

Wild horses put up for adoption at Interstate Center
Sarah Evans of Normal reached through the bars of the corral to touch the nose of a young mare. From Read more >>

Equestrian program helping sick and disabled youngsters thrive with reins in hand
Like many 16-year-olds, Gary Johnson of East Orange has a preoccupation with driving. But the Essex County Vo-Tech senior’s fixation doesn’t involve getting his license. From Read more >>

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