Pennfield Feed launches Buy-One-Get-One Promotion


Pennfield Feed is holding a Buy One Get One Free dealPennfield Feed, the company known for supplying feed for the last four Olympic and World Games, and who made headlines late last year when they were awarded the designation of Official Feed of the USEF, has launched an exciting new two-month promotion for free feed.

Starting Monday, August 17th, through October 16th, Pennfield will offer a Buy One Get One Free deal on any of their five formulas that feature beet pulp as their key ingredient. This includes Senior Energized, Fibregized, Fibregized Omega, EnduroEvent and Cool-n-Lite. “Our favorite supplier came to us with a superb price on super premium beet pulp. So to celebrate, we decided to share the love with our customers,” explains Jeff Katelan, national sales and marketing manager for Pennfield’s Country Life Products. “We like to think of it as Pennfield’s own economic stimulus plan for riders.”

As the brand chosen for the four games (’02 Jerez, ’04 Athens, ’06 Aachen and ’08 Beijing), Pennfield prides itself in setting an honestly unmatched standard for quality, in formulas, consistency, and ingredients. But the proof is always in the horses. Riders like Karen O’Connor live by that rule. She’s fed Pennfield to her competition horses for almost three decades. Pennefield wants all horse owners to give their feed a try with this special offer.

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  1. You have probably saved many horses doing a buy one get one free promotion, i know at the time you ran this, i was going to have to put some horses down becuase of lack of income/work related cuts, your timely buy one get one feed got me thru a rough time, ALL feed companiies should offer this at a time of recession .. I used to use triple crown and purina, i will now stay with Pennfields, you care about the horse – not just the money..


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