Best Remuda Award Honors American Ranch Horses


The Best Remuda Award is given to those who've contributed to the Quarter Horse heritageThe Best Remuda Award is presented each year by the American Quarter Horse Association and Bayer Animal Health to honor the contributions that ranch horses have made to the heritage of the American Quarter Horse. The term remuda means a group of working horses bred by the ranch specifically to work and pen cattle.

Any ranch that has five or more American Quarter Horse mares used to produce horses for ranch work and is a member of AQHA is eligible for this award.

Get more information about the Best Remuda Award or request an application. Applications for the 2010 AQHA-Bayer Best Remuda Award are due December 1, 2009.

AQHA/Bayer Best Remuda Award Winners:

2009 Haythorn Ranch Co. – Maxwell, Nebraska
2008 Moorhouse Ranch Co. – Benjamin, Texas
2007 S Ranch – Billings, Montana
2006 Tule Ranch – Tulia, Texas
2005 Babbitt Ranches – Flagstaff, Arizona
2004 Douglas Lake Cattle Co. – Douglas Lake, British Columbia
2003 Lacey Livestock Co. – Paso Robles, California
2002 W.H. Green Cattle Co. – Albany, Texas
2001 Van Norman Ranches Inc. – Tuscarora, Nevada
2000 CS Cattle Co. – Cimarron, New Mexico
1999 Bogle LTD – Dexter, New Mexico
1998 Pitchfork Land & Cattle Co. – Guthrie, Texas
1997 R.A. Brown Ranch – Throckmorton, Texas
1996 Bar B Ranch – Beaver, Oklahoma
1995 Stuart Ranch – Caddo, Oklahoma
1994 Waggoner Ranch – Vernon, Texas
1993 Four Sixes Ranch – Guthrie, Texas
1992 Haythorn Land & Cattle Co. – Arthur, Nebraska



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