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Pennsylvania National Horse Show Crowns Ward, Garofalo Torres, Kenny, and Pony Hunters and Junior Hunter Champions in First Few Days

McLain Ward showed the crowd that he deserves his many accolades, as he piloted Miss Liberty 7 to a perfectly planned and executed round to win the $10,000 Gem Twist Sprint Gambler’s Choice at the 64th Pennsylvania National Horse Show. From USEF. Read more >>

In Other News

Two CNY colleges get $500k grants for equine centers

One million dollars is on the way to two local colleges. From WSYR. Read more >>

Crews rescue horse stuck in deep hole near Florence

Fire crews and volunteers spent more than two hours rescuing a horse after it fell into a deep hole Thursday in an area just north of Florence. From ABC15. Read more >>

Award puts smile on horse dentist

Equine dentist Andre Majerski, 61, from Harlech, Gwynedd, has helped with animal welfare on Zakinthos, Kefalonia and Corfu for seven summer holidays. From BBC News. Read more >>

Public asked to name horse

A horse believed to have been abandoned along Old Highway 91 is being nursed back to health by local animal support groups. From The Spectrum. Read more >>

Jaycee Dugard and family heal with horse therapy

With the newly published photos in this week’s People Magazine of Jaycee Dugard spending time healing with her family in Northern California, many are marveling at the health and vitality of this young woman who suffered for 18 years at the hands of her abductor and abuser, Phillip Garrido, before being returned to her family this past August. From Examiner. Read more >>

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