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Standout J. Springsteen has more than a name

At this week’s 51st annual Washington International Horse Show, Jessica Springsteen is one of the stars to watch. From The Washington Post. Read more >>

Horse show a great bargain

The Super Bowl of Arabian Horse shows is coming to town this week, but don’t fret — you won’t have to give up your firstborn to get a ticket. From Tulsa World. Read more >>

Chester Weber Ranked Number One On Four-In-Hand World Equestrian Games Selectors’ List

Chester Weber’s record-setting victory as the new seven-time United States National Four-In-Hand Combined Driving Champion may still be fresh in everyone’s mind, but that isn’t keeping Weber from turning his attention toward his next goal—the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. From USEF. Read more >>

In Other News

Horse roundup begins

Monday’s start of a feral horse roundup in Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s South Unit went smoothly, but some outsiders are concerned with the horse’s heritage. From The Dickinson Press. Read more >>

Firefighters train to rescue horses

Who do you call when your horse trailer overturns, your horse falls into a ravine or it becomes wedged between two trees? From The Monterey Herald. Read more >>

Horse goes wild, bites people, many injured

People have heard, so far, the news of dogs getting mad and biting people, but now, there is news of a horse becoming mad and biting the people. From The Central Chronicle. Read more >>

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