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Proposed rule would restrict usage of anti-inflammatory drugs
Drugs and medications are a hot topic for nearly every sport, but in equestrian pursuits, the controversy level rises because an animal is involved. From Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Western Slope horse shot, left to die
As investigators on the Western Slope look for the person who shot a horse in the head and left the animal to die, horse-rescue groups say equine abandonment is on the rise because of the sour economy. From The Denver Post. Read more >>

In Other News

Escaped horse on runway delays flights in Kuwait
Flights to Kuwait International Airport were delayed earlier this week after an escaped horse caused chaos on the runway. From Horse and Hound. Read more >>

Celebrating Success with Ravel and Steffen Peters; Event Benefits the Equestrian Aid Foundation
When he entered the room with his confident style, it became the crowning moment to a spectacular evening. Ravel was among his fans and friends. From USEF. Read more >>

Fundraiser aids program that pairs horses and kids
Stacy Gormley has watched hundreds of children with traumatic pasts transform before her eyes, when they first get on a horse. From The Orlando Sentinel. Read more >>

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