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Equine Welfare

Horse rescue groups overwhelmed
Pet ownership is becoming more of a challenge in a tough economy, and horses may be among the animals suffering the most. From myFox Tampa Bay. Read more >>

In Other News

Equestrian elegance
The Lipizzaner Stallions are going to ride through Wilkes-Barre on Sunday, Nov. 22, and as part of their 40th anniversary, they’re bringing with them an all-new performance. From The Weekender. Read more >>

Grandpa Loved Horses, or How a Filly Got Her Name
Grandpa loved the horses. Loved them so much that he visited them regularly. From The New York Times. Read more >>

Convicted embezzler says obsession with horses fueled her crimes
Gripped by depression and job-related stress, Regina Schenck became obsessed with horses, she wrote to the federal judge who would sentence her for stealing more than $1.3 million from a prominent Sacramento law firm. From The Sacramento Bee. Read more >>

Horse Park saddles up expansion
Construction of a public restroom might seem a modest accomplishment to some people, but for Florida Horse Park officials it was cause for a celebratory groundbreaking Tuesday, complete with chamber music and dignitaries. From Read more >>

Vote for your favourite Christmas donkey
The Donkey Sanctuary has come into possession of a rare apple and is asking supporters to vote for their favourite Christmas donkey to decide which will get to eat it. From The Donkey Sanctuary. Read more >>

Students aid ailing therapeutic horses
Purdue students have found a fun way to “horse around” and help children with disabilities build connections, but the horses are in need of help. From The Purdue Exponent. Read more >>

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