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Equine Welfare

Troubled waters: Soccer great Akers now rescues abused horses, but floods threaten dream
Michelle Akers tilts her head to one side and urges the old horse to show off her new trick. The one she learned after being snatched away from a life of abuse and neglect. From The LA Times. Read more >>

Racing News

Most influential horses of the decade
My run on began in 2000 with the opening of the new millennium and it’s hard to believe there have been 10 years of bylines. From ESPN. Read more >>

Class-Action Suit Planned In Raceway Fire
A prominent area attorney plans a class-action lawsuit in connection with a fire that killed two men and 45 horses. From WLWT. Read more >>

In Other News

DreamWorks to mount epic ‘Horse’
Steven Spielberg is turning his attentions to World War I. From Variety. Read more >>

Holiday With Horses benefits pets of needy
People are not the only ones needing a little help during tough times – pets need help, too. From Read more >>

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