Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas Set New Dressage World Record

Edward Gal and Totilas
The Netherlands’ Edward Gal and Moorlands Totillas set a new world record in the Grand Prix Freestyle for the third time this year when scoring 92.30% to win the fourth leg of the 2009/2010 FEI World Cup™ Dressage series at the Grand Hall at Olympia in London.

The Netherlands’ Edward Gal and Moorlands Totillas set a new world record in the Grand Prix Freestyle for the third time this year when scoring 92.30% to win the fourth leg of the FEI World Cup™ Dressage series at the Grand Hall at Olympia in London On December 16.  With another breathtaking performance, the nine-year-old stallion showed even more confidence than he displayed when taking Freestyle gold at the Alltech FEI European Championships at Windsor last August.  Stockholm winner Adelinde Cornelissen had a difficult evening with Parzival who was gripped with nervous tension and failed to give of his best, but this Dutch duo still held on for second place, while British hearts were lifted by a great third-spot finish for one of their all-time favourites, Carl Hester with Liebling 11.

Totillas and Gal created a huge sensation when de-throning long-time Freestyle record-holder Anky Van Grunsven with an amazing test at Hickstead in July where they scored 89.50%, and then came back to raise the bar even higher when taking the European title with a mark of 90.75%.  They did that despite some irregular scores, but tonight the judges were very much in agreement about artistic merit – Gal and Totillas blended brilliantly with their musical accompaniment which perfectly compliments the stallion’s enormous presence.  It is the power with which he pumps off the floor in piaffe and passage that particularly distinguishes him along with his ease of elevation.  He looks comfortable in his body even when executing the most difficult of movements.

Nerves are not something Gal has to battle with where Totillas is concerned.  “He’s always really relaxed, the only problem is that he gets distracted by things going on around him but he’s not worried about them, just interested, and so sometimes loses his attention” the rider explained.  He could feel how good the horse’s work was at Olympia – “it just felt great” he said.  “In the very beginning of his training he had trouble with the changes but once he learns something you don’t have to keep going over it again and again, he remembers.  It’s all very easy for him and he learns very quickly” he explained after putting the record-breaking 92.30% on the board.

His plan for Totillas now is to compete at the FEI World Cup™ Dressage Final at s’Hertogenbosch in March and at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Kentucky later in the year “and that we both have fun while we are doing it!” he added.  Tonight’s result sees him share the league leaderboard with Cornelissen while Van Grunsven completes the Dutch dominance in third.

Ground Jury President, Stephen Clarke, was delighted with another record-breaking night – “the judges did a great job, they reacted to what they saw.  Tonight Carl did his best Grand Prix ever, Adelinde coped really well in difficult circumstances and Edward left me speechless!” he said.

The next leg of the 2009/2010 FEI Dressage World Cup™ series takes place in Frankfurt, Germany next weekend.

1, Moorlands Totilas (Edward Gal) Ned 92.30%;
2, Parzival (Adelinde Cornelissen) Ned 82.05%;
3, Liebling 11 (Carl Hester) GBR 78.45%;
4, Andretti H (Laura Bectolsheimer) GBR 77.35%;
5, Hiscox Artemis (Richard Davison) GBR 75.15%;
6, Cadillac (Catherine Haddad) USA 73.60%;
7, Apollo van het Vijverhof (Jeroen Devroe) Bel 72.25%;
8, Ovation (Christa Larakkers) Ned 72.20%;
9, Louis d’Or (Henriette Andersen) GBR 70.20%;
10, Mr President (Stephanie Croxford) GBR 69.70%;
11, Whitni Star (Marc Boblet) Fra 69.65%;
12, Fitzcerraldo (Judith Harvey) GBR 69.00%;
13, Exquis Clearwater (Anne Van Olst) Den 67.85%.


  1. I saw this on youtube a few months ago. That horse is so so SO powerful! I can tottally see why hes worth MILLIONS!!! I have never in all my 15 years.(lol) Seen a dressage DANCE like that!!!! I have to Admit.. Not even Anky and her horse can beat that..

  2. Awesome! That really takes true teamwork, trust, hard work, determination, & so much more I havent even begun to list them all! Way to go! 😀

  3. WOW, that is such an amazing score. I saw his 89 programme and I’m so glad you included video of this amazing one. I’m about to watch it now.

  4. The video was good. The Horse was phenominal to say the least. The rider did an excellent job.
    As the announcer this is a Miracle couple (horse & Rider) and I feel priviledged to have watched it.

  5. I watch this over and over again, and every time I watch it I get shivers up my spine! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Totilas and I’m SOOOO sad he was sold!

  6. Totilis is a one of a kind athlete. We may never see his equal ever. Its tragic that this team was separated by the sale of Totilas. Edward and Totalis reined supreme!

  7. As a horse lover and dressage rider, I find it disgusting that judges would completely disregard FEI regulations and award high scores to horses that are tense, barely perform even substandard, and go through abusive training methods. Totilas is an amazing animal and I feel very badly for him and for the horrid decline of dressage. Awarding high scores based on popularity of flashy movements that are literally only physically possible because of stiffness and negative tension…

  8. truly a beautiful ride the best i’ve ever seen by far quite a mix of rhythm,& elevation,with beauty all in one, making it what it is a truely beautiful ride


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