USRider Offers State-by-State Equine Transportation Info


Saddlebred horses trailerNext spring you plan to take your horse to a big event several hundred miles away. To reach your destination, you may travel through states you’ve never before visited. Since equine transportation regulations vary from state to state, how will you know if you are in compliance each time you cross a state line? To help its Members and other equestrians keep up with these requirements, USRider is providing up-to-date information regarding equine transportation on a state-by-state basis on its website.

The USRider website,, is a valuable benefit that is available to anyone traveling with horses, both members and nonmembers. It provides a wealth of information including safety bulletins, equine trailer safety tips such as Don’t Leave Home Without It, Long- and Short-Trip Precautions, recommended contents for an equine trailer first aid kit, a Pre-Trip Checklist, and more.

The newest information available on the website provides the latest details on all the states’ equine transportation regulations, including CVI, EIA and Vesicular Stomatitis requirements, as well as contact information for each state veterinarian. Be sure to check out this information when planning your next trip by visiting and clicking on the Equine Travel Safety Area.

If you have a Smartphone, you can also conveniently access the information through USRider’s mobile website. Simply access from any Smartphone and the transportation regulations list, as well as other helpful information applicable to those who travel with horses, is handily at your fingertips prior to and during each trip.

Through its Equestrian Motor Plan, USRider provides emergency road service to its Members in the Continental United States as well as Alaska and Canada. Designed for those who travel with horses, USRider provides emergency roadside assistance and towing services, along with other travel-related benefits geared especially toward horse owners, such as towing up to 100 miles, plus roadside repairs for tow vehicles and trailers with horses, emergency stabling and veterinary referrals.

For more information about USRider and more equine trailer safety tips, visit the USRider website at or call (800) 844-1409.



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