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Equestrian Van Grunsven: not over the hill just yet
Dressage rider Anky van Grunsven runs her equine empire from Erp, the town in the south of the Netherlands were she was born in 1968. From NRC. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

New Life for Horse Found Near Death
A horse has been given a second chance after it was saved from near-certain death at a Northwest Miami-Dade slaughterhouse on Christmas. From NBC Miami. Read more >>

Group Supports Ban On Horse-Drawn Carriages
A national group is claiming Cincinnati’s horse-drawn carriages are unsafe. From WCPO. Read more >>

In Other News

Madonna buys ranch for €6.6m
Madonna has reportedly paid €6.6m for a horse ranch. From Ireland Online. Read more >>

Controversial roundup of wild horses underway
A controversial roundup of 2,500 wild horses from public and private lands in Nevada began on Monday amid protests from activists who call it needless and inhumane. From LA Times. Read more >>

BLM approves wild horses for Madison County
The Bureau of Land Management is moving forward with a plan to place hundreds of wild horses on a private ranch near Ennis. From Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Read more >>

Equestfest to showcase Rose Parade’s finest riders, performers
Along with the floats and marching bands, they are what makes the Rose Parade, well, the Rose Parade. From Pasadena Star-News. Read more >>

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