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Horse found shot with arrows in Fayette County
Fayette County sheriff’s investigators are looking for whoever critically injured a horse in Fayette County by shooting it with arrows. From AJC. Read more >>

Letter To Mayor: Ban Horse Carriages
An animal activist group wants Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson to ban horse-drawn carriages after a woman was arrested in connection with a hit-and run carriage collision in Sacramento. From KCRA. Read more >>

In Other News

Equestrians, occupants of SUV get into brawl in L.A. suburb
Authorities today are searching for several suspects involved in a brawl and a hit-and-run accident that left two equestrians hospitalized and a third with minor injuries in the unincorporated area of Avocado Heights, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. From LA Times. Read more >>

Horse Watch is working
A scheme to protect horse owners from theft and help return stolen property is proving a great success. From This is West Country. Read more >>

More clues in the case of the horse with no name
The mystery of a decades-old horse skeleton found complete with a saddle and tack in a North Bay state park is drawing attention within equestrian circles because it is so unusual. From The Press Democrat. Read more >>

Clarksville Police Eliminate Mounted Horse Patrol Unit
The Clarksville Police Mounted Patrol covered it all over the past ten years, from search and rescue missions to shopping mall security. From NewsChannel 5. Read more >>

Volunteers’ Rose Parade duty: Cleaning up the horse poop
Hundreds of volunteers make the Rose Parade happen each year — even the lowly pooper-scoopers who clean up after the prancing ponies. From Mercury News. Read more >>

Woman Stole $42 Million From Union, Spent It On Horses
An administrator for the sandhog’s union has been accused of heisting $42 million from the labor group — and spending a chunk of the cash on high-end horses, according to the Times. From Gothamist. Read more >>

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