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Equine Welfare

Recession Victims: Horses Being Abandoned
Across the nation, the down economy has caused a staggering increase in the number of orphaned horses. From Fox News. Read more >>

In Other News

Looking to horses to learn a bit about ourselves
Animal scientist Katrina Merkies and her horse-loving students at the University of Guelph’s Kemptville campus are avid fans of Heartland. From The Ottawa Citizen. Read more >>

Harness legacy Marcus Miller leads double life at Chicago-area horse tracks
Studying at DePaul University by day and driving harness races at night puts 20-year-old Marcus Miller in a class by himself. From The Chicago Tribune. Read more >>

Bay Area veterans using horses to heal
A growing number of Bay Area veterans are getting help to rehabilitate from their injuries from a different kind of therapist — a horse. From ABC Local. Read more >>

USRider Reminds Drivers to Err on the Side of Caution at Intersections
Have you noticed that traffic signals are looking a little different these days? What you’re seeing is the effort to save money and energy. From USEF. Read more >>

The Biology of the Horse Boy
I just finished listening to a podcast about a new book called Horse Boy (Penguin, 2009). It’s a true story about how a horse pulled a severely autistic young boy out his social isolation when humans couldn’t. From Psychology Today. Read more >>

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