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Equestrian Sport

Oldest Olympic sport, the modern pentathlon makes a 2010 comeback
It is a sport that is a culmination of all-rounded fitness, determination and strategy. From Channel News Asia. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Prosecutor: Animals suffered at hands of ‘true cowboy’
A former Morrill County rancher presented himself as a “true cowboy” but instead starved the horses and burros he claimed he was giving sanctuary to, Morrill County Attorney Jean Rhodes told a jury Monday. From The North Platte Telegraph. Read more >>

Viebrock backs bill for horse slaughterhouses
A Greene County lawmaker wants to make the slaughtering of horses for human consumption legal in Missouri. From The Springfield News-Leader. Read more >>

Agencies mount major sweep on illegal Miami-Dade slaughterhouses
A massive force of federal, state and county agents early Tuesday hit an isolated pocket of West Miami-Dade County suspected to be at the center of Miami’s black market in horse flesh, an illicit trade exposed by nearly two dozen grisly horse killings. From The Miami Herald. Read more >>

In Other News

Oxford OKs horse patrol on Square
Police on horseback will soon make an appearance on the Square in Oxford. From WXVT. Read more >>

Fake vet jailed for two years
In order to look the part, Russell Oakes, 43, bought himself a 4 x 4 and took to wearing country tweeds. From The Telegraph. Read more >>

Wild horses ‘create chaos’ at cemetery
Wild horses have been finding their way into Green River’s historic Rimview Cemetery and have been “creating chaos” in recent weeks, says city official Allan Wilson. From The Billings Gazette. Read more >>

Arrest warrant issued in theft of teen’s horse
Iredell County authorities on Monday have issued an arrest warrant for a Statesville man they believe stole a 5-year-old mare and sold it to an Alexander County woman for $60. From The Charlotte Observer. Read more >>

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