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Equine Welfare

‘Rescue from the rescuers’
Horses, ponies and mules are like potato chips to DeeDee Golberg — she can’t stop at a few. From Beloit Daily News. Read more >>

Vet off to treat horses in Egypt
A Tiverton vet is spending two weeks in Egypt next month on a special mission to help mistreated horses and donkeys. From The Mid Devon Star. Read more >>

Racing News

Zenyatta will run in 2010
The undefeated mare Zenyatta will run as a 6-year-old in 2010. From ESPN. Read more >>

Horse world’s big spenders not immune to economic crunch
If thoroughbred race horses are the oil of Kentucky, then Lexington is OPEC and the Keeneland Auction is its commodity exchange. From CNN. Read more >>

In Other News

Horse sense
The buggy whip is not just (practically) obsolete; for decades it has been a synonym for obsolescence, shorthand for any enterprise or technology–AOL, travel agents, landline phones–that’s allegedly on the slide to extinction. From The Boston Globe. Read more >>

Agreement reached on landmark equine drug issue
Negotiation and cooperation have produced an agreement on a landmark equine drug issue, the hot button topic of the U.S. Equestrian Federation’s annual meeting here. From Read more >>

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