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Boston Jumper Classic comes to Hamilton in September
Excitement surrounds the Boston equestrian community because the First Annual Boston Jumper Classic will be coming this September to the Myopia Hunt Club in Hamilton. From Wicked Local. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

Famed artist helps horse rescue group
With her distinctive style, a P. Buckley Moss horse is recognized around the world. From WTSP. Read more >>

In Other News

Prison Horse Adoption Set
These wild mustangs will be in this corral at the Nevada Correctional Center until an inmate comes to call. From KOLO TV. Read more >>

Collectors still paying top dollar for exquisite equines
Arabian horses viewed as beloved collector items continue to thrive in the recession-saddled economy, with top stallions still fetching princely sums. From AZ Central. Read more >>

Wayward horse found after air and land search near Island Lake
Two search planes, one helicopter, a thermal-imaging camera and dozens of volunteers – all spent days looking for a horse missing for nearly a week north of Duluth. From Fox 21. Read more >>

Dick Francis, Jockey and Writer, Dies at 89
Dick Francis, whose notable but blighted career as a champion steeplechase jockey for the British royal family was eclipsed by a second, more brilliant career as a popular thriller writer, died on Sunday in the Cayman Islands, where he had a home. He was 89. From The New York Times. Read more >>

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