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Clermont County horse abuse case spurs NKY classes
In the Bluegrass state where people love horses, lots of people want to have their own. From Read more >>

Another man charged in wild-horse shooting
A Calgary-area man has been charged shooting a wild horse in southern Alberta last year. From CBC News. Read more >>

FEI’s Rollkur decision a ‘missed opportunity’ for reform
An equine veterinarian says the FEI has missed an opportunity for reform in its recent decision over hyperflexion. From Horsetalk. Read more >>

Kill pen owner testifies to taking Paragallo’s horses
A Bainbridge horse farmer testified Tuesday that horses delivered from Center Brook Farm in Climax were in a seriously malnourished condition. From The Daily Mail. Read more >>

In Other News

Local women use horses to heal
There is something about Sheryl Kress-Griffin’s miniature horses that can heal the soul. From The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle. Read more >>

Couple realizes dream of making big movie about rare equine breed
Not long ago, a couple in rural Chester County, Pa., – Sue Rathbone and Ed Fitts – finished making a movie about their pet. From The Miami Herald. Read more >>

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