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London 2012: International Equestrian Federation refute Greenwich Park criticism
In the run-up to the determination of the planning application by Greenwich Council on March 23, pressure group NOGOE (No to Greenwich for Olympic Equestrian Events) have highlighted significant differences in the supply of equine infrastructure compared with recent Games. From The London Telegraph. Read more >>

Equine Welfare

The worst case of equine abuse in Tennessee history shocked the state. So why is legislation that would stop the abuse meeting so much resistance?
The tan-and-white foal had to be carried to salvation. From Nashville Scene. Read more >>

In Other News

Kentucky Horse Council offering class on basics
People wanting to learn more about horses or who are new to horse ownership can sign up for a day of training with the Kentucky Horse Council. From WAVE3. Read more >>

Central Park Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver Fined for DUI
A Central Park carriage driver pleaded guilty to operating a horse-drawn carriage while under the influence, the ASPCA said on Tuesday. From DNA Info. Read more >>

You can lead a horse to canvas, but will it paint?
Some unusual art is displayed in a Floral City gallery, but it’s not the paintings themselves that is unusual – it’s who painted them. From Bay News 9. Read more >>

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