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Lawmaker Wants To Stiffen Penalty For Horse Neglect
It’s already a felony to abuse companion animals. Horses could soon be included in that group if a new bill passes, but the piece of legislation is facing opposition from the Farm Bureau. From NewsChannel 5. Read more >>

Horse rescue facility shutting down
The tough economy is forcing a local organization that spent years rescuing homeless, neglected and abuses horses to shut down. From The Union Leader. Read more >>

In Other News

Young horse learns to live without best friends
A young horse in Hinesburg, Vermont is alive thanks to the friendship of two barnmates, her owners say. From NECN. Read more >>

Street A-rabs might get seized horses back
Seventeen horses, which were seized by the city Health Department in the fall, would be returned to Baltimore’s traditional A-rab produce merchants under a deal set to be approved by the city’s spending board today. From The Baltimore Sun. Read more >>

Boomer to the rescue: Equine ranger for Fort Bowie and Chiricahua made 7 rescues in 2009
As the sun rises over the Chiricahua Mountains, a lone bay horse stands in his field facing east. From Wilcox Range News. Read more >>

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